Though I'm uncertain of Ms. Blázquez's musical influences, might I suggest the free jazz of Sun Ra as a soundtrack for the creation of Dimensionalismo. Space is the place indeed for artists who inhabit a post-religious world but still yearn for a spiritual dimension.

Mark Dagley 


Ever since early childhood the Spanish artist Francisca Blázquez has claimed awareness of higher dimension realms including access and even contact with Sattvic (सत्त्व) or Angelic beings of light. 

Her "New Age" paintings which I saw in Spain in the early 1990's were striking in their incorporation of technological transcendent imagery. This was my short contribution to a catalog from her 2005 exhibition at Jadite Gallery, NYC

Francisca Blázquez's most recent body of work, a group if paintings subtitled Dimensionalismo, draws from several populist sources; spaces might be the more correct term. Blázquez has borrowed the indeterminate and fractured cyberspace of the Internet and the pre-packaged "Outer Space" of classic science fiction films, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris. Within these moving pictures, a purely artificial visual dimension exists, expanding at a glacial pace and climaxing in transcendental spiritualism. The cosmic visual projections of Francisca Blázquez, her not-so-still-lifes, have a very similar aesthetic effect.

She creates energy compositions which are spiritual channellings through meditation. Plasma vibrations and energy which interact with the person, benefitting them in every aspect: healing, spirituality, gifts, achievements, wealth, abundance, love, happiness, transcendence... On this occasion, her pictorical work is focused on peace and its positive transformational energy in the world. Her work is more subtle, with etheric colours, almost evanescent, but within its own distinctive and expressive imprint. 

With more than 400 individual and collective exhibitions in 17 countries on three continents, the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary artist from Madrid, essentially a painter, but also a creator of sculpture, jewellery, digital animation, installations, drawings, prints, performances, video creations, experimental dance and interactive art, bringing harmony to contemporary art between science and spirituality, because they are complimenetary and inseparable.

Her work is represented in some of the best collections of the world: Newman Foundation in Chicago, Fundación Argentaria in Madrid, Olympic Games exhibition in Pekín, Marugame Hirai Museum Hirai in Japón, Artistic Circle in Venice, Platinum Collection, Grupo Dúplex, Eurodesign, Bolsa de Comercio in Buenos Aires, 200 Swiss companies, Swiss Banking Corporation, Art Museum On, N&N, Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies, etc. 

She has also participated in major art fairs throughout Europe, including Cologne and ARCO in Madrid.

Francisca Blázquez has moved within the diplomatic world for many years, and for this reason, more than thirty embassies, officials and diplomatic personnel of other countries possess her works. She collaborates continually with the Peace and Co-operation Foundation presided by Joaquín Antuña, this year, 2017, being a year of many exhibitions by the artist with this Foundation as she was nominated "The painter of the stars", having exhibited at the UN Headquarters in Vienna, amongst other places.