I declare myself "Digital Believer" in a world that until recently was critical and unfamiliar and incredulous of new technologies. 

My international experience in negotiations has led me to develop a new aspect in my professional career as "International Trademark Ambassador" facilitating negotiations between companies from different continents and Spanish companies.

If your company needs to find suppliers of raw materials, customers for your products, launch new products in the Spanish distribution channels or financing for your company, international project or contact with specific people and companies in Middle East, Spain and Africa that is our specialty.

Professional of the digital world for 27 years, I am founder of Digital Times Consultancy with international clients such as Angel Schlesser . Fintech StartUP business Angel. International business ambassador and networker

My previous experiences ...

Member of GSN Goal8

Ambassador for Spain of the 2018 Bosphorus Summit Istanbul

Global Chancellor of Information of the ecumenical order of Malta

Founder of Digital Times Consultancy

Head of Digital Home Area in El Corte Inglés

Head of Digital Marketing at Hibü

Digital Marketing at Carrefour

Communications, Publicity & Digital Marketing (Digital Director) at Pepsico Beverages Iberia.

As marketing and communications proffessional I represent international artists of contemporary art organizing exhibitions